Angostura No 1 French Oak Rum 750ml

Angostura No 1 French Oak Rum 750ml - Uptown Spirits

Angostura No 1 French Oak Rum 750ml

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No. 1 Once Used French Oak, is the second edition of Angostura’s Cask Collection. An exquisite, silky smooth complex blend – created with a fusion of techniques learnt from the Old World and perfected in the New World.
Initially aged for a minimum of 10 years in American Oak casks, the rums were then artfully combined by The House of Angostura’s Master Blender and re‐casked into carefully selected French Oak casks that were once used for aging cognac. The rum was then left to mature for an additional 6 years. There are just 15,030 bottles on the market.

Tasting Notes

For this special bottling of No. 1, Angostura produced a unique recipe with mature, high-quality aged rums – selected with care and precision, each chosen for their unique flavour and characteristics.
To the eye: A beautiful amber hue with superb clarity.
To the nose: A complex bouquet balanced with subtle notes of peach and candied apricot, macadamia, or almonds, with hints of oak.
The taste: A luxurious blend of rums infused with the oak-driven flavours of nuts, and dried fruit such as dates and figs with subtle floral qualities.
The finish: Dry with a soft fade
Body: Medium body

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