Hven Hvenus Rye Whisky 750ml

Hvenus is a unique rye whiskey composed by Master Distiller Henric Molin at the distillery Spirit of Hven. Elegant and velvety yet powerful and tasty. Each batch consists of 42 barrels coagulated, oxygenated and carefully filtered before bottling at 45.6% vol. No carbon filtration, dyes or sugar additives, just well-made whiskey aged on the best American oak (Quercus Alba) we could find.

Final cereal recipe after mixing the forty-two barrels with four different recipes is; 78.6% rye, 11.9% wheat, 4.8% corn and 4.8% barley. The barrels have matured between three and six years, partly in warehouses with controlled climate conditions. All to create a whiskey with this unique rondor and bouquet.


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    Hven Hvenus Rye Whisky 750ml

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