Makers Mark Bourbon Whiskey 1.75L

Makers Mark Bourbon Whiskey 1.75L


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Makers Mark Bourbon Whiskey 1.75L

Made by Bill Samuels, Sr. to be a whiskey that he would appreciate drinking himself, Maker’s Mark is smooth and receptive with a simple complete – a genuine complexity to hot, unforgiving whiskies that “brush your ears off,” and an out and out revolutionary thought at the time. Makers Mark is made gradually in little batches, in our National Historic Landmark refinery in Loretto, Kentucky. While it improves any mixed drink, a ton of people still lean toward it all alone, or over ice with a sprinkle of water.

  • The first high quality premium whiskey.
  • Delicate red winter wheat makes our whisky full seasoned, yet astoundingly simple to drink.
  • Amazingly smooth and adjusted, with notes of caramel and vanilla and a front-of-sense of taste wrap up.
  • Made gradually in little bunches at our noteworthy refinery in Loretto, Kentucky
  • Each bottle is hand dipped in our mark red wax.
  • Flavorful in a glass independent from anyone else, over ice or in your most loved mixed drink.
  • The world’s most welcoming whiskey
  • Bill Samuels, Sr. utilized red winter wheat to make a superior tasting whiskey for individuals who didn’t think they’d like whiskey.


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Makers Mark

Alcohol Type



Bourbon Whiskey




90 Proof


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