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From the back woods to the television screen, Sugarlands Distilling Co. is proud to partner with Discovery Channel’s Moonshiners Legends to bring their traditional recipes to you!



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    Moonshiners airs on the Discovery Channel

    Every Spring, a fearless group of men and women venture deep into the woods of Appalachia, defying the law, rivals and nature itself to keep the centuries-old tradition of craft whiskey alive. This season a new generation of moonshiners are striving to take the ancient art into the 21st-century, using age-old methods to produce new flavors and liquor varieties that could transform America’s liquor landscape.

    With fortune and glory on the line, old partnerships are tested, and young upstarts look to stake their claim on new territory. As the black market for white whiskey heats up, desperate shiners put new, dangerous still designs into service, while legendary old-timers come out of retirement to head back into the hills for one more run. All the while, the ever-present threat of the law continues to put the squeeze on those dedicated to America’s original spirit.

    Sugarlands Shine Mark Rogers Peach Moonshine

    Mark Rogers’ American Peach boasts the natural taste of ripe summer peaches. When sipped, this sweet and velvety spirit will deliver a traditional warmth of moonshine.

    American Peach perfectly blends proof and flavor. You’ll taste a sun ripened peach flavor, not an artificial peach like you get from most peach flavored products.

    Mark Rogers is a true American hunter, fisherman and woodsman. He has made moonshine most of his life, learning the trade from his 12 uncles when he was only 8 years old. Mark was taught to slow down and make it right. Rogers says, “Once you’ve had some good liquor, you’ll know it.”


    Sugarlands Shine Mark Rogers Peach Moonshine Pairings & Suggestions

    American Peach pairs well with: caramel, vanilla, hazelnuts, pecans, citrus fruits and maple

    Add American Peach to brandy, champagne and black tea to spice up your cocktail.

    San Francisco World Spirits Competition – Silver Medal



    Featured Recipe | Sugarlands Peach Mule


    1.5 oz Mark Rogers American Peach ‘Shine
    3.5 oz Ginger Ale
    Juice of a lime wedge


    Mix ingredients in a shaker and pour over ice. Garnish with fresh peach slices and a lime wedge; sip wisely!


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