O.P Anderson Original Aquavit 1L

Aquavit is a distilled liquor, like vodka, but aquavit’s distinctive aromas and seasonings come from a blend of herbal essences of fennel, caraway, and anise, which are the classic aquavit spices.


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    O.P Anderson Original Aquavit 1L

    O.P. Anderson “Original” Aquavit is made from Swedish wheat and distilled with spices; in addition, the finished distillate rests in oak barrels for six months in order to mellow. Eminently versatile, at 40% alcohol O.P. Anderson Aquavit may be enjoyed neat and chilled, paired with smoked fish and other Nordic cuisine, as a savory alternative in classic cocktails such the Bloody Mary and Last Word, or as a base for new drink creations.

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    O.P Anderson



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    80 Proof