Top 5 Margarita Variations To Try This International Margarita Day

Margaritas are one of the most popular cocktails, and International Margarita Day is the perfect excuse to enjoy some tasty variations. From Grand Marnier margaritas to jalapeno-infused margs, there’s something to please every taste! 

Get ready to fill your glass with these five delicious recipes – they may even have you celebrating the holiday all week long! 

With a mix of classic ingredients, creative fruits, and just enough spice riders, you won’t be disappointed with what these unique variations bring. So raise your glasses for National Margarita Day in style – cheers!

What is The International Margarita Day?

International Margarita Day is an unofficial holiday celebrated around the globe on February 22nd each year to pay tribute to the iconic cocktail. The classic margarita combines tequila, Cointreau, and lime juice in a unique but eye-catching combination. 

Today, these prepared with various ingredients like mango, passion fruit, and other tropical flavors in addition to the traditional flavor. 

This day’s celebration often involves getting together with family and friends to share margaritas or organize margarita-themed parties. 

It’s a great day for all of us to take a break from our everyday lives and enjoy an imaginative drink that has become an international symbol of good times with friends!

5 Margarita Variations To Try This International Margarita Day

Whether you’re an experienced pro or just starting in your bartending journey, these five creative variations on the classic margarita offer something for everyone – allowing every one of us to enjoy different tastes and experiences on special days like today! 

From adding a bit of zingy citrus juice to herbal bitters or spirited liqueurs, let’s explore some delicious new ways you can craft your favorite beverage.

1. Tequila Daisy

Celebrate International Margarita Day by shaking up something a bit different – why not try a Tequila Daisy? 

This delicious and refreshing cocktail features all the classic ingredients, like tequila and lime juice, but with the addition of orange juice and grenadine syrup. Its sweet and tart flavor is sure to tantalize your taste buds. 

Plus, since the recipe only requires four ingredients, it’s an ultra-simple way to shake up something special for your friends or family. 

Get creative, experiment with different types of tequila and liqueur, and then give this unique variation a try!

2. Tommy’s Margarita

Celebrate International Margarita Day with a unique twist on the classic drink – Tommy’s Margarita. This twist on the beloved beverage gets its special taste from the addition of agave nectar. 

As an alternative to the traditional recipe, it is easy to mix up and offers a sweeter, more savory flavor than regular margaritas. The secret ingredient in Tommy’s Margarita is Tequila Reposado, which conveys smoothness and complexity. 

Paired with the sweetness from agave nectar, lime juice, and orange liqueur makes, this cocktail stands out for a truly memorable experience. 

3. Frozen Margarita

International Margarita Day is the perfect excuse to mix up your classic drink with a refreshing twist. Try a frozen margarita! It’s all the deliciousness of a regular margarita but blended with ice for an icy-cool taste and texture. 

To start, fill a blender full of ice and add tequila, triple sec, lime juice, simple syrup, agave nectar and orange extract if desired. Add some extra flavor with a few splashes of sour mix or coconut rum. 

Start blending on low speed until everything is mixed nicely then increase the speed until you achieve a slushy texture. Serve in salt-rimmed glasses and garnish with slices of fresh lime. Enjoy this flavorful variation – cheers!

4. Spicy Margarita

On International Margarita Day, all margarita lovers everywhere should join the fun and mix up a Spicy Margarita. This margarita adds an unexpected kick with an extra splash of jalapeno peppers and is made with tequila, orange liqueur, lime juice, and agave syrup

Lift up any ordinary evening at home by jazzing up your margaritas with a bit of heat! Sliced jalapenos on the rim are also a creative touch for anyone who prefers sipping over shaking and stirring. 

Salud to another year celebrating with a delicious (and spicy!) twist.

5. Breakfast Margarita

This International Margarita Day, switch up your usual routine with a breakfast-inspired twist: the Breakfast Margarita! 

To make this unique and delicious drink, start by rimming your glass with cereal or graham crackers and combine 2oz tequila, 1oz orange liqueur and 2oz of orange juice into a shaker filled with ice. 

Shake until chilled and strain into the prepared glass. Top it off with whipped cream for garnish. This sparkling combination will turn any ordinary morning into an occasion of celebration!

And if you’re feeling extra creative, you can top it off with some oats for a truly unique experience.

Ways to Celebrate the International Margarita Day

Mix up a signature drink special for the day

International Margarita Day is the perfect time to let your creativity flow by creating a signature drink for your friends and family. 

Whether it’s an upgrade on the classic margarita, a twist with an unexpected flavor, or a totally new drink that reflects its unique personality, there’s no wrong way to mix up something special for this day. 

Feel free to experiment with different juices, bitters, and liqueurs to create something that stands out. And don’t forget the fun garnishes! 

From herbs to citrus slices to candied rims, you can find plenty of delicious ways to make your custom concoction look just as good as it tastes.

Innovate with unique rims

Spice up your drinks with unique rims for a fresh and fun twist. Try topping off your glass with exciting flourishes like crushed pretzels, pink salt rose petals, coloured sanding sugar, or mini M&Ms. 

Make toasting with friends even more special by adding a hint of decoration around the edges. You can also mix up your choice of liquor in the cocktail to customize its flavour profile; suggest tequila or vodka instead of a typical triple sec. 

With an array of options available, there’s no shortage of margarita recipes and assortments you can use to show off at home or bring to backyard barbecues and festive gatherings. 

Create a margarita party-in-a-box

Celebrate with a memorable and fun party-in-a-box! Start by inviting your friends for a virtual margarita night. Provide pre-made margaritas or all the ingredients needed to make them, and let the party begin! 

Add some additional entertainment, such as homemade trivia questions, karaoke or a competition to see who can shake up the best margarita. 

For an unforgettable experience, create customized swag boxes filled with t-shirts, sunglasses and hats — perfect for a photoshoot featuring everyone’s favorite drink! Creating these amazing kits will certainly show off your knowledge of this special day in style.


There are countless ways to celebrate International Margarita Day this year, and the top five variations already mentioned here are just a fraction of what’s possible! 

From frozen versions boasting a nice aged tequila to more exotic spicy iterations topped off with pleasing salt foam, there is truly something for everyone. Don’t forget the additional ingredients and garnishes you can add to enhance every sip. 

Before you know it, your International Margarita Day festivities will be remembered as you hit all these variations out of the park. So raise your glass, and lets cheers to another successful holiday honoring our favorite summertime cocktail!