The 15 Most Exciting Liquor Releases of 2024

1. Buffalo Trace Antique Collection: George T. Stagg 2024

The George T. Stagg bourbon, part of the revered Buffalo Trace Antique Collection, is renowned for its uncut, unfiltered nature and robust character. The 2024 release, while specifics are typically kept under wraps until closer to the release date, is expected to maintain the legacy of its predecessors. Traditionally, this bourbon boasts a high proof, often north of 120, and is aged for approximately 15 years. It's known for a rich and complex flavor profile with notes of dark chocolate, black coffee, and rich caramel, underpinned by a warm, spicy undertone due to its high rye content. The finish is long, with a pleasing warmth and a lingering sweetness, making it a sought-after bottle for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

2. The Macallan Harmony Collection: Rich Cacao (2024 Release)

The Macallan's Harmony Collection is an innovative series that marries the art of whisky making with sustainable practices. Following the success of previous releases, the 2024 Rich Cacao edition is expected to be a unique offering. While specific aging and cask details are often revealed closer to the release date, one can anticipate a whisky that integrates the rich, velvety notes of high-quality cacao with The Macallan's signature profile of dried fruits, spices, and oak. This edition would not only appeal to whisky aficionados but also to those who appreciate the convergence of fine spirits and gastronomy, highlighting The Macallan's commitment to innovation and excellence.

3. Glenfiddich Age of Discovery: Bourbon Cask Reserve (2024 Release)

Glenfiddich's Age of Discovery series is celebrated for its unique maturation process, and the Bourbon Cask Reserve is no exception. The 2024 release is expected to be a rich and robust single malt, aged in American bourbon casks. These casks impart a distinct character to the whisky, with expected notes of sweet vanilla, toasted oak, and a hint of spice. The interaction between the vibrant, fruity character of Glenfiddich's spirit and the vanilla sweetness from the bourbon casks is anticipated to create a harmonious and well-rounded profile, making it a noteworthy addition to any whisky collection.

4. Ardbeg Supernova 2024

Ardbeg's Supernova is an acclaimed series known for pushing the peatiness to extreme levels. The 2024 release, if it continues the lineage, is expected to be a tour de force of peat and complexity. Traditionally, Supernova is characterized by its intense smoky profile, intermingled with Ardbeg's typical notes of citrus, pepper, and a subtle sweetness. The peat's earthy and medicinal qualities are balanced by a surprising freshness, making it a dram that is both challenging and rewarding. Collectors and peat lovers eagerly anticipate each Supernova release, and the 2024 edition is expected to be no exception.

5. Hibiki 21-Year-Old Limited Edition

Hibiki, a paragon of Japanese whisky, is known for its harmonious blend of select mature whiskies. The 21-Year-Old Limited Edition, if released in 2024, would likely continue this tradition of excellence. This whisky is typically characterized by a symphony of flavors and aromas, with notes of cooked fruit, dark chocolate, and a subtle smokiness, all delivered with the impeccable balance and finesse that Hibiki is renowned for. The meticulous blending process, combined with the use of diverse cask types, including Mizunara oak, contributes to the depth and complexity of this exquisite whisky.

6. Midleton Very Rare 2024 Vintage Release

Midleton Very Rare is a pinnacle of Irish whiskey, known for its annual vintage releases. Each edition is a blend of specially selected single pot still and single grain Irish whiskeys, making it one of the most exclusive and sought-after expressions. The 2024 vintage is expected to offer a rich, smooth profile with subtle spicy notes, typical of the Midleton style. The aging in carefully chosen casks contributes to its complexity, imparting flavors of vanilla, toasted oak, and a hint of green apple. The finish is typically long and mellow, with a creamy texture that speaks of the high-quality craftsmanship behind each bottle.

7. Kraken Black Spiced Rum: Special Reserve 2024

Kraken Black Spiced Rum is celebrated for its rich, dark character and smooth spice profile. A Special Reserve release in 2024 would likely elevate this experience, offering a more matured and intense flavor. Expect a rum with deep notes of vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg, complemented by the natural sweetness of molasses. The Special Reserve edition might also introduce additional layers of complexity, perhaps through an extended aging process or the use of unique cask finishes, making it a must-try for rum enthusiasts and collectors.

These anticipated releases are based on the brands' historical patterns and the industry's trends. While specifics about each release are often revealed closer to the launch date, the descriptions provided offer a glimpse into what one might expect from these esteemed distilleries and producers in 2024.

8. Talisker 30-Year-Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky (2024 Release)

Talisker, known for its maritime character, is expected to release a 30-Year-Old Single Malt in 2024. This expression, matured in a mix of refill and rejuvenated casks, typically offers a profound depth of flavor. Anticipate a nose with hints of the sea breeze, peppered with smoky sweetness. On the palate, a complex blend of brine, peat smoke, and citrus, followed by a long, warming finish with a spicy kick. This whisky is a true reflection of the rugged beauty of the Isle of Skye, making each sip a journey to its windswept shores.

9. Angel's Envy Cask Strength Bourbon (2024 Release)

Angel's Envy is expected to continue its tradition of releasing a cask strength version of its port barrel-finished bourbon in 2024. This limited-edition release is known for its rich, full-bodied profile. Aged in American oak and finished in port wine casks, it offers a unique blend of sweet and savory notes – think caramelized sugar, ripe fruits, and a hint of toasted oak. The cask strength nature of this bourbon ensures a robust and intense experience, making it a coveted bottle for collectors and enthusiasts.

10. Laphroaig Lore Islay Single Malt (2024 Release)

Laphroaig's Lore, known as the richest of the distillery's regular expressions, is expected to have a 2024 release. This whisky is a masterful blend of different aged Laphroaig whiskies, some matured in quarter casks, others in ex-bourbon barrels, and the oldest in European oak. The result is a complex dram with the signature Laphroaig peat smoke, complemented by notes of rich chocolate, a hint of sea salt, and a touch of spicy oak. It's a whisky that tells the story of Laphroaig's 200-year history with every sip.

11. GlenDronach Grandeur Batch 11 (2024 Release)

GlenDronach's Grandeur series is known for showcasing the distillery's expertise in sherry cask maturation. The 2024 release, expected to be Batch 11, should continue this tradition. Typically aged for over two decades, this expression is a blend of some of GlenDronach's oldest and most unique sherry casks. Expect a rich, deep flavor profile with notes of dark fruits, rich chocolate, and a hint of spiced oak. It's a luxurious dram, reflecting the grandeur of the distillery's Spanish oak sherry casks.

12. Four Roses Limited Edition Small Batch Bourbon (2024 Release)

Four Roses is expected to release its annual Limited Edition Small Batch Bourbon in 2024. This release usually features a unique blend of Four Roses' 10 distinct bourbon recipes, aged for a significant period and bottled at barrel strength. The result is a complex, nuanced bourbon with a symphony of flavors – floral notes, hints of ripe fruit, and a rich spiciness, all balanced by a mellow smoothness that Four Roses is celebrated for.

13. Johnnie Walker Blue Label Ghost and Rare (2024 Release)

Johnnie Walker's Blue Label Ghost and Rare series is known for incorporating whiskies from "ghost" distilleries that have long been closed. The 2024 release is expected to continue this tradition, offering a blend that includes rare whiskies from these lost distilleries. This series is known for its rich, velvety smoothness, with layers of fruit, sweet spice, and a subtle smokiness – a true tribute to Scotland's whisky heritage.

14. Ron Zacapa XO Centenario (2024 Release)

Ron Zacapa is renowned for its exceptional Guatemalan rums, and the XO Centenario is its crown jewel. The 2024 release is expected to be a continuation of its legacy – a blend of rums aged between 6 to 25 years and finished in French oak casks that previously held cognac. The result is a beautifully complex rum with a harmonious balance of sweet, spicy, and fruity notes, underpinned by a rich, oaky undertone.

15. Octomore 13.x (2024 Release)

Bruichladdich's Octomore series is famed for being the most heavily peated single malt whisky in the world. The 2024 release, likely to be named Octomore 13.x, is expected to push the boundaries of peat once again. Despite its high phenol content, Octomore is known for its surprising balance and complexity – with notes of vanilla, honey, and citrus complementing the intense peat smoke. It's a dram that challenges and rewards in equal measure.

These anticipated releases, based on the distilleries' and brands' histories and the industry's trends, promise to offer a diverse and exciting range of flavors and experiences for spirits enthusiasts in 2024. While specifics about each release are often revealed closer to the launch date, the descriptions provided offer a glimpse into the expertise and craftsmanship behind these esteemed labels.