Volstead Vodka 750ml

Volstead Vodka 750ml

Volstead Vodka 750ml

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Step back in time to the era of clandestine speakeasies and hidden cocktails, where Volstead Vodka pays homage to Congressman Andrew Volstead, the enigmatic figure who forever altered the course of history with the National Prohibition Act of 1919. With a cheeky nod to this era, Volstead Vodka embraces its rebellious spirit, offering a unique experience that captures the essence of a bygone era.

Crafted with utmost care, Volstead Vodka stands apart as a gluten-free elixir, distilled from the finest corn. But what sets it truly apart is an exceptional step in its production process. After distillation, the grain spirit undergoes a transformational journey, passing through charred coconut husks for an astounding 96 hours. This meticulous filtration process imparts an unparalleled depth of character, adding a whisper of smokiness to the vodka's profile.

With great reverence for purity, Volstead Vodka is cut to proof using pristine Cascade mountain water. This ensures a harmonious balance, as the vodka reveals an abundance of flavors that unfold on the palate. Tropical notes dance across your taste buds, evoking images of lush, faraway islands, while a touch of spice provides a tantalizing counterpoint, balancing the inherent sweetness.

This fusion of smoky, tropical, and subtly spiced flavors creates an exceptional vodka that transcends expectations. Volstead Vodka is a testament to the artistry and dedication of those who craft it, capturing the essence of a bygone era while embracing the contemporary palate.

So raise your glass and toast to the spirit of rebellion, to the audacity that defies convention. With Volstead Vodka in hand, you become part of a legacy that shaped the course of history, as you savor the remarkable fusion of flavors that transport you to a time when rules were meant to be broken and hidden pleasures were savored. Cheers to the allure of the forbidden and the unforgettable taste of Volstead Vodka.

Tasting Notes
The nose is clean with a light coconut aroma and floral notes. The palate is rich with a distinct exotic touch of smoke. The finish is light and long.

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