Stoli Vanil Flavored Premium Vodka 750ml

Stoli Vanil Flavored Premium Vodka 750ml - Uptown Spirits

Stoli Vanil Flavored Premium Vodka 750ml

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Stoli® Vanil™ is a vodka that pays homage to the rich and decadent flavors of vanilla. Upon taking a whiff of this vodka, you'll be greeted by elegant aromas of vanilla pod, crème anglaise, and chocolate, with undertones of toasted buttery grain that add depth and complexity to the nose.

As you take a sip of Stoli® Vanil™, the creamy sweetness takes center stage, but it is balanced and never overwhelming, unlike some other vanilla-flavored vodkas. The cocoa powder, white pepper, and sweet spicy notes add a subtle kick, making each sip an exciting adventure for the palate.

The finish is smooth and satisfying, with the sweet and spicy notes lingering on the tongue, leaving you with a pleasant aftertaste that will keep you coming back for more.

Stoli® Vanil™ is perfect for those who appreciate the warmth and sweetness of vanilla. Whether you're savoring it neat or using it as a base for your favorite cocktail, Stoli® Vanil™ is sure to leave you with a lasting impression of its smooth and delicious taste.

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