Penderyn 1st Red Flag Whisky 750ml

Penderyn 1st Red Flag Whisky 750ml - Uptown Spirits

Penderyn 1st Red Flag Whisky 750ml

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A Madeira finish whisky at 41% abv.
Red Flag is the first edition in the ′Icons of Wales′ series. It commemorates the first time a red flag was raised as a symbol of social protest. This happened during the 1831 Merthyr Rising, which ended in the execution of miner Dic Penderyn, aka Richard Lewis.


Nose: Aromas of fresh apples and citrus fruits intermingle with creamy fudge and sultana raisins in the nose to create a complex yet fresh, clean and well-balanced whisky.
Palate: This single malt whisky is incredibly smooth and both fresh and rich dried fruits abound. Delicate and sweet on the palate with just a hint of bitterness.
Finish: A refreshing malt, it slowly presents a long finish leaving an aftertaste of Madeira cake and sultanas.

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