Olmeca Altos Tequila Anejo 1L

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Olmeca Altos Tequila Anejo 1L

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Altos is a super premium, high quality, 100% agave tequila. Made with cooked agave juice, water, and yeast. It’s a classic tequila for the modern world.

A perfect blend between the fun and vibrancy of tequila with the intrinsic appeal of the craft and credentials of bourbon. Aged in oak barrels for 18 months. Añejo has a well-balanced and rounded aroma with notes of dried fruit and almonds. Woody notes, vanilla and chocolate flavors makes it a prized addition to the family.

Dark chocolate desserts, dry fruits, mature cheesse, creme brulee, caramel desserts.

Batanga - 2 parts ALTOS Añejo - 3 parts cola - 0.5 part agave syrup - 0.25 part lime juice

Gold Medal 2017 | International Spirits Challenge

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