La Clandestine Absinthe 750ml

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La Clandestine Absinthe 750ml

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How is La Clandestine different from most other absinthes? It was the first moonshine absinthe to be legalised after the ban and hand-crafted in the village where absinthe was first born. For many international absinthe lovers, it was the first “blanche” or “bleue” absinthe that they tasted and it became the standard by which many other absinthes were assessed.
True to the traditions and now to the laws of Switzerland, La Clandestine absinthe is distilled (rather than just macerated as are some cheaper absinthes in other countries). None of the family of La Clandestine absinthes have any added artificial colour. All are 100% natural.
“Hand-crafted in the birthplace of absinthe,” La Clandestine need no longer be a secret pleasure!

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