Fords Sloe Gin 700ml

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Fords Sloe Gin 700ml

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Fords Gin Sloe Gin is a liqueur that combines the classic Fords London Dry Gin recipe with hand-picked sloe fruit from England and France. Enjoyed on the rocks or in a classic cocktail, Fords Sloe Gin is crafted specifically to enhance the cocktail experience for professional bartenders or at-home cocktail enthusiasts alike.

Stewed plums, fig and rich dark raisin followed by dark cherry, juniper and hints of citrus fruit and even some dried apricot.
A mixture of tart dried fruits hit your palate immediately, then comes stewed prunes, golden raisins, dark raisins and dried fig. As the more volatile dried fruit flavors fade into the Juniper, dry grapefruit citrus and lemon burst onto the scene.
The finish is a combination of the citrus oils and the bitter fruit balanced with a honey-like sweetness before dryness sets back in and carries the flavors forward. The finish is long, rich and complex, jumping between bitterness and sweetness but ultimately harmonious before ending with a hint of spice, most notably clove.

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