Fiero Habanero Tequila 750ml

Fiero Habanero Tequila 750ml - Uptown Spirits

Fiero Habanero Tequila 750ml

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Fiero is a word whose meaning is a combination of someone brave, courageous, who does not run away from problems but faces them fearlessly. Since the image of rural Mexico in the early 20th century is exhausted and stereotyped, we decided to base Fiero’s history on an urban, more modern Mexico. Fiero Tequila Habanero is for those courageous spice fanatics who can truly take the heat. Naturally infused with fresh, vine-ripened (never dried or roasted) peppers from farmer’s markets in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. Fiero Tequila Habanero is unapologetically the spiciest infused tequila available in the US. The hand-picked habaneros perfectly amplify tequila’s well-known kick.

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