Dictador 35 Years Jerarquia Borbon Colombian Rum 750ml

Dictador 35 Years Jerarquia Borbon Colombian Rum 750ml - Uptown Spirits

Dictador 35 Years Jerarquia Borbon Colombian Rum 750ml

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Jerarquía is an unrivalled collection of old and rare casks of rum, carefully and closely guarded by the Parra family, the masters of Colombian rum. Each cask from this extraordinary family collection has achieved a singular flavour profile, which for the first time Dictador is proud to release.
The rums featured in this rare collection of heirlooms were produced in the heart of Colombia, at a closed distillery, adding a mystique and rarity to the casks. Jerarquía, meaning hierarchy in Spanish, reflects the patience and nobility of these rums which have been allowed to rest in the finest American Oak, Sherry and Port casks.

Tasting Notes

NOSE: Freshly ground coffee notes which are backed with patchouli, ripe plums, blackcurrant leaf, and peach melba. There is a toasted vanilla note with almonds, too.
PALATE: Rounded and smooth there is a hint of well made coffee with a drizzle of cream, some treacle toffee and cracked black pepper, and bbq char notes.
FINISH: Cinnamon and nutmeg, with sweet black tea, and more
blackcurrant notes to finish

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