Minke Irish Gin 750ml

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Minke Irish Gin 750ml

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Minke Gin is a tribute to the majestic Minke Whale, the creatures that grace the wild waters off our Atlantic Ocean coastline. It's a gin that celebrates the natural beauty and unique flavors of our local region, using foraged botanicals that are found nowhere else in the world.

The key ingredient in Minke Gin is the Rock Samphire, a unique botanical that grows along the cliffs of our shoreline. We sustainably harvest this herb by hand and only during its season, ensuring that we respect the delicate balance of nature. The effort is well worth it, as the Rock Samphire gives Minke Gin its distinct flavor profile.

To create the base spirit for Minke Gin, we use whey produced from our family farm near Galley Head Lighthouse. This gives the gin a velvety texture and mouthfeel that is unique to each delicious drop.

At Minke Gin, we believe in going full circle - from grass to glass. By harvesting nature at its best, we create a gin that is truly special. Each sip of Minke Gin is a tribute to the natural beauty and flavors of our local region, and a celebration of the Minke Whale that inspired it all.

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