Chartreuse Foudre 147 Liqueur 750ml

Chartreuse Foudre 147 Liqueur 750ml - Uptown Spirits

Chartreuse Foudre 147 Liqueur 750ml

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This special cuvée was marketed for the first time in 2019 by the Chartreux Fathers in order to perpetuate the aging of liqueur in the longest liqueur cellar in the world at Voiron. For regulatory issues, all production had to be transferred to Aiguenoire, Entre-Deux-Guiers, at a place called Aiguenoire. The Foudre 147 liqueur remains to this day the last liqueur ageing in Voiron. It is exclusively sold in our boutique in Voiron.

Ideally as a digestif, to be served chilled between 12 and 13 ° to discover all the flavor and aromatic complexity. It can also be enjoyed on ice.

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