Cantera Negra Silver Tequila 750ml

Cantera Negra Silver Tequila 750ml - Uptown Spirits

Cantera Negra Silver Tequila 750ml

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Experience the earthy essence of Tequila like never before with our unique Silver Tequila. Distinctive for its minerality and the bold taste of cooked agave, this Tequila is a true representation of the terroir from which it is sourced.

What sets our Silver Tequila apart is its subtle sweetness that perfectly balances the rich earthiness of the agave. You'll enjoy the beautiful notes of citrus that round out the flavor profile and add a bright, zesty twist to each sip. 

As you savor this Tequila, you'll notice a pleasant spiciness and peppery kick on your tongue and cheeks, making it an exciting sensory experience. But fear not, as the Tequila glides smoothly down your throat, leaving a warm, soothing sensation that will have you craving more.

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