Cantera Negra Reposado Tequila 750ml

Cantera Negra Reposado Tequila 750ml - Uptown Spirits

Cantera Negra Reposado Tequila 750ml

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Indulge in the smooth and smoky flavors of our unique Reposado Tequila, a spirit that defies industry standards with its carefully crafted aging process.

We take great pride in our artful blending process, adding carefully measured amounts of our aged Añejo Tequila to our Reposado to create a depth of flavor that is truly unmatched. Aged up to five times longer than industry standards and at least twice as long as similar products, our Reposado is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

With subtle notes of butterscotch, oak, and pepper, this Tequila maintains a clear presence of cooked agave, resulting in a truly authentic taste experience. Our Becherano Family Tasting Council must unanimously decide when our Reposado is ready to carry the Cantera Negra name, with no predetermined length of aging. As a result, our Reposado may vary in color between batches, but we ensure consistent flavor and taste with our precise blending process.

While all of our Tequilas are meant for sipping, the pronounced oak presence of our Reposado makes it the perfect addition to your favorite cocktail. Smooth and balanced, it adds a unique depth of flavor that elevates any drink. Whether you choose to sip it neat or mix it into your favorite cocktail, our Reposado Tequila is sure to delight your taste buds.

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