By The Dutch Batavia Arrack Rum 750ml

By The Dutch Batavia Arrack Rum 750ml - Uptown Spirits

By The Dutch Batavia Arrack Rum 750ml

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Our “Batavia Arrack” is a distillate based on 100% sugar-cane molasses, produced exclusively on the island of Java, Indonesia, dated back to the 17th century. It’s comprised of a very specific range of Pot still distillates. It’s the “Rum of Indonesia”. The fermentation process includes the addition of local & traditional Wild Yeast (grown on red rice); it is this, which sets it apart from Rum, although the base material is still sugar-cane. Distillation of our Batavia Arrack is carried out using very traditional Pot stills, adopting ancient Chinese distillers’ methods. Our Master Blender created a excellent product, aged in teak & oak barrels up to 8 years, resulting in fantastic rich and deep flavors, lingering on the palate.

Raw materials:
100% Sugarcane molasses. Wild yeast (grown on red rice cake) has been used as trigger/booster to start fermentation (no ingredient).

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