Aromatique Th Kramers Liqueur 750ml

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Aromatique Th Kramers Liqueur 750ml

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Amongst spirits brands Aromatique has a special reputation: a traditional digestive bitter with its own character and aura. Premium quality too.
As opposed to herbal liqueurs, it owes its well-rounded spiciness, its touch of bitterness and its strong but sweet flavour to the high quality spices with which it is made.
It has been produced in accordance with a secret original recipe in the possession of our company for over 137 years. Even today it is still made according to tradition – without using any ready-made essences or synthetic aromas. The careful selection of the spices and gently processing them into essences form the basis for this anadulterated compliment to the taste buds. Even the addition of sugar is kept to a minimum and is used only to round off the flavour. This makes Aromatique so easy to digest and accounts for its pleasing effect. That is why it is such a perfect companion to a meal. As an aperitif or digestif. Or as a chaser with a cool beer or simply – for pure pleasure.

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