Angostura Single Barrel Reserve Rum 750ml

Angostura Single Barrel Reserve Rum 750ml - Uptown Spirits

Angostura Single Barrel Reserve Rum 750ml

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Angostura Single Barrel® Reserve is a premium rum that is derived from the Master Blender who skilfully prepares a special blend of distillates that is stored in selected oak barrels for ageing. After this process, the Master Blender checks the barrels to ensure that they have the mature oak flavour that defines the rum.
The name “Single Barrel” comes from ageing in a single cask; the blend drawn from these casks is the final product.
Angostura Single Barrel® Reserve, a dark aged rum, is best consumed neat or on the rocks to fully appreciate its luxurious taste. This quintessential sipping rum stands out as one of Angostura’s finest rums. The romance begins from the very first sip.

Tasting Notes

Dark golden colour.
A complex aroma of hints of caramel, spice, chocolate, honey and mellowed out with hints of vanilla.
A rich, dark chocolate rum.
Rich, smooth and full-bodied flavour.

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