Blood Sweat Tears Vodka 750ml

Every ingredient, like our locally sourced Pacific Northwest wheat, is thoughtfully scrutinized. Every drop, painstakingly cared for. And every single milliliter, meticulously bottled by hand inside the walls of our small-ass facility in Eugene, Oregon.


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    Blood Sweat Tears Vodka 750ml

    This is the story about not giving up and not giving a fxck what others think. Fed up with all that is mass-produced for the masses, we set out to do vodka like vodka’s never been done before. Our way. So we rolled up our sleeves and handcrafted our very first batch out of an ex-laundromat in the Pacific Northwest. A true original vodka made with nothing more than determination, diligence and a whole lotta “Damn, this better work.” We’re proud to say Blood x Sweat x Tears Vodka™ is spirit like no other. Because it captures ours. And the more hard work we put into it, the more our hard work comes easy. Meet the team behind Blood x Sweat x Tears below.


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    Blood Sweat Tears

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    80 Proof