Bertoux Brandy 750ml

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Bertoux Brandy 750ml

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BERTOUX Brandy is an elegant blend of pot‑distilled California Brandies, aged from three to seven years in French and American oak. The brandy showcases vibrancy, elegance, and dimensionality, with signature layers of flavor, enduring length and finish that elevates and brings new energy to the storied Sidecar

BERTOUX Brandy is specifically designed to shine as a primary ingredient in cocktails, and is eminently sippable neat or on the rocks.
At the dawn of the cocktail, Brandy was the star of the spirits world. The Sidecar, Vieux Carré, Highball, and Old Fashioned all started with brandy as the base spirit. When the phylloxera outbreak devastated wine and brandy production in the late 18oos, many cocktail recipes replaced brandy with other spirits.
We raise our glasses to Jean Bertoux the French inventor who had an unforeseen yet transformative impact on the world’s cocktail culture. In 1892, he designed a means to modify bicycles to elegantly accommodate a passenger. Soon thereafter, the motorcycle roared onto the scene and Bertoux’s concept was adapted into what is known to this day as the Sidecar, which also became the namesake for Brandy’s best-known cocktail. BERTOUX Brandy honors the inspiration behind these innovations in pursuit of changing the order of cocktail culture.

BERTOUX BRANDY’S signature blend was developed by our consulting master blending team of mixologist Jeff Bell and sommelier Thomas Pastuszak. Each a master in their respective domain, Jeff is General Manager of PDT NYC and a partner of PDT Hong Kong, and Thomas is Executive Wine Director of The Nomad (NYC/LA/Las Vegas).
As a sommelier, Thomas is passionate about creating a brandy that is perfectly balanced, and a beautiful and true expression of the grapes. As a mixologist, Jeff is passionate about how brandy interacts with the other elements of a drink to create an experience greater than the sum of its parts. The synergy between Thomas’ winemaking palate and Jeff’s mixologist imagination, has resulted in a brandy that is both delightful on its own, and magnificent in cocktails.

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