Nonino Quintessentia Riserva Amaro 750ml

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Nonino Quintessentia Riserva Amaro 750ml

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The Nonino family pays tribute to their beloved grandfather Antonio with the Return to the Origins RISERVA, crafted using the exquisite Amaro Nonino Quintessentia®. With a natural aging process of over 24 months in oak barriques and small casks, this liqueur embodies the rich history and tradition of the Nonino family distillery.

Antonio Nonino, a third-generation distiller, had a special appreciation for the subtle complexities of aging liqueurs in small wooden casks. He knew that the infusion of Amaro Carnia in contact with wood would evolve and develop new notes and aromas, and so he kept it in these barrels despite the prohibitive cost of steel.

Although there are no strict regulations on the aging of liqueurs, the Nonino family has always prioritized quality and craftsmanship. The dedicated cellar used for aging the Return to the Origins RISERVA is under permanent surveillance by the Customs and Monopoly Office, ensuring exceptional results.

The aging process enriches the already exquisite ÙE® Nonino aged Grape Distillate, resulting in a complex and flavorful liqueur that honors the memory of Antonio Nonino and the family's long-standing commitment to producing exceptional spirits.

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