Buy Canned Cocktails Online Labor Day
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This Labor Day, Try Canned Cocktails

As Labor Day comes around the corner, there’s still time to enjoy your time in the sun.

If there’s one rule to summer drinking, it’s “keep it simple.” What’s easier than a pre-mixed canned cocktail?

Canned cocktails are a relatively new category, which new brands and flavors arriving on shelves each week. Some of the new canned drinks are basically portable classic cocktails. Cutwater Spirits, for example, offers options such as vodka sodas, margaritas, bourbon highballs and spicy bloody Marys.

If you’re looking for something light and low-cal for day drinking sessions, consider the new range of spiked, or hard seltzers. Smirnoff, better known for their vodkas, has entered the spiked seltzer category with a range of flavors such as Smirnoff Seltzer White Peach Rose and Cranberry Lime. Rival Svedka also has options, including their Spiked Strawberry and Elderflower Hard Seltzer.

Other brands that are catching on with consumers include White Claw, Sprezza, and Truly, which all have a range of light, fruity flavors to choose from. Smaller spirits companies are making a splash with consumers by highlighting the fact that they use house made, natural ingredients to make their bottled drinks. Brooklyn-based Interboro Spirits uses their own gin in their canned Lemon Ginger Gin & Juice.

Big beer companies are entering the canned drink market, by offering updated takes on the flavored malt beverage. Corona’s newest product line, Corona Refresca, is a malt beverage option in three flavors, Passionfruit Lime, Guava Lime and Coconut Lime. Corona joins brands such as Budweiser, which is having success with its Lime-a-Rita line.

While canned cocktails are just about as easy it gets when it comes to summer drinks, consider using the canned drinks are base for your own signature cocktails.  Add fresh juices, or muddled fresh fruit plus a dash of Prosecco bubbles or a sweet liqueur like Cointreau or triple sec for a drink that’s all your own.

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