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  • Katsaros Tsipouro 750ml

    A sweet conspiracy of nature gives to this place what tsipouro needs. Only local, fragrant “Muscat Tyrnavos” grapes will take the road for our distillery. So that’s our secret of our raki. It is the magical bond that unites the vineyards and our essences in place and keeps KATSAROS family, here in Tirnavos, two centuries.

  • Tsilili Dark Cave 5 Years Tsipouro 750ml

    The aged tsipouro of the Tsilili Distillery is made from freshly fermented pomace of high quality grapes from Thessaly.

    Distilled in small discontinuous copper stills through a slow, patient process to keep fresh and sweet aromas.
    The ageing process takes place in carefully selected French and American oak barriques, seasoned with red and sweet vinsanto wine, for at least 5 years.

  • Tsilili Agioneri Tsipouro 750ml

    Tsipouro… the original Greek alcoholic spirit with a long tradition and history, the hallmark of Greek hospitality and cordiality.
    It is the drink with the full taste that accompanies our every day or special moments, it gathers friends around a table with delicacies, it relaxes the mind and it warms the heart.

    Tsipouro results from the distillation of alcoholically fermented pomace (grape skins) which remain dipped into the wine, until distillation. Grape marc distillates exist also in other Mediterranean countries, such as grappa in Italy, eau-de-vie de marc in France and orujo in Spain.

  • Tsilili Tsipouro Grape Pomace Brandy 750ml

    Produced from grapes of aromatic varieties grown in Thessaly.

    Crystal-bright in appearance, with intense fruity aromas of citrus fruits like bergamot and lemon, white peach, floral notes of rose and herbal hints of mint. On the palate, it is smooth and aromatic with soft alcohol a long minty finish.

    It can be drunk on its own as well as it pairs well with appetizers and finger food but it is also a base spirit for inspired cocktails.