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  • La Venenosa Costa De Jalisco Raicilla 750ml

    La Venenosa Raicilla Costa de Jalisco is produced by Maestro Tabernero Don Alberto Hernández in the village of Llano Grande of the coastal region Cabo Corrientes, 700 metres above sea level.

  • La Venenosa Tabernas Raicilla 700ml

    Note that this first edition Tabernas label is difficult to distinguish from the second edition. The easiest way to tell is by reading the rear label which clearly lists out all the production information. This bottle hails from June of 2017, it has been resting for a while so it is really integrated.

  • Rancho Tepua Reserva Del Vinatro Lechuguilla Mezcal 750ml

    Rancho Tepua Lechuguilla Bacanora 750ml

  • Rayu Ensamble Maguey Mezcal 750ml

    Rayu Ensamble, a Oaxaca joven mezcal bursting with flavors of tropical fruits, a touch of caramel, married with herbs and spices and a hint of violet.

  • Bozal Madrecuishe Mezcal 750ml

    On the steep precarious hillsides of Oaxaca, Guerrero and Durango varieties of agave, indigenous to the region, grow wild and are heavily sought after by the local mezcaleros. These varietals produce flavors that are exotically intense, with rich earth tones and savory smokiness. From the heart of the maguey these flavors are traditionally extracted to produce mezcal that is wildly refined. Because we at bozal believe that something wild produces a far richer spirit.

  • Peloton De La Muerte Pechuga Mezcal Artesanal 750ml
    SKU: 750301389099

    ›­­ Field blend of wild Guerrero agves
    ›­­ Roasted and distilled together
    ›­­ Aromatics hung from the arabic still on 2nd distillation
    ›­­ Obregón family recipe
    ›­­ Mezcal artesanal from Mazaltán, Guerrero
    ›­­ Maguey Criollo y Ancho (A. Angustifolia Rubescens y A. Cupreata)

  • Pelotón De La Muerte Criollo Mezcal Artesanal 750ml
    SKU: 750301389082

    ›­­ Wild agave native to Guerrero region
    ›­­ Open air fermentation for 5 days
    ›­­ Double distilled in both an arabic and filipino still with a wood hat
    ›­­ Mezcal artesanal from Mazatlán, Guerrero
    ›­­ 100% Maguey Criollo (A. Angustifolia Rubescens)

  • Mezcal Vago Ensamble By Tio Rey 750ml

    ‘Each ensamble represents a unique blend that will never be replicated. These field blends were common historically as mezcaleros drew from the few ripe, rarer varietals which time, season and availability allowed. TÍo Rey hand mashes the cooked agave with wooden mallets and distills in a series of clay pots resulting in a timeless ancestral mezcal.’

  • Burrito Fiestero Ancestral Mezcal 750ml

    The Ancestral Collection is a selected line of limited edition Mezcals. Every production is crafted in micro-batches with ancestral distillation methods original from the state of Durango: Clay & Wood.

    * Designs May Vary *

    Every bottle is a piece of art, as they are hand-painted by local artists with different designs depending on the agave type. This line includes special Mezcals made with rare and unique agave varieties that are found within the Durango borders.


  • Burrito Fiestero Ensamble Mezcal 750ml

    Burrito Fiestero Ensamble focuses on showcasing two of the state’s most emblematic agaves with a blend of Agave Cenizo (durangensis) and Agave Verde (cassispina). BF Ensamble has a well rounded body with sweet and spicy notes finishing with a smooth smokey and intense aftertaste. ideal for mezcaleros looking for an exciting intense experience.

  • Burrito Fiestero Cenizo Mezcal 750ml
    SKU: 850009098009

    Burrito Fiestero Artesanal Cenizo is a well-rounded Mezcal with a smooth texture. Creamy mouthfeel and a taste of tropical fruit. Gentle on the smoke and well balanced. An expression to enjoy as your everyday sipper.

  • Bosscal Damiana Mezcal 750ml
    SKU: 7503019710012

    Bosscal Damiana Mezcal 750ml

  • Bosscal Conejo Mezcal 750ml

    Bosscal Conejo Mezcal 750ml

  • Pluma Negra Tobala Mezcal 750ml

    ”Tobalá is a wild maguey that grows in shaded areas at high altitudes of around 5000ft.”

  • Pluma Negra Espadin 750ml

    ”Donkeys transport machete cut maguey down to where it’s cooked in an underground earthen oven. An animal powered tahona stone grinds the baked maguey, which is placed in pine barrels for wild yeast fermentation. All of our Mezcal expressions are finished with a double distillation process in small batch copper pots.”

  • Origen Raiz Del Espiritu Pechuga Mezcal
    SKU: 7500462431419

    A Pechuga mezcal is a gift from the heart of the master mezcalero, produced to celebrate and commemorate unique occasions. It is a ritual that comes from the Zapotec culture of Oaxaca, where local fruits, spices, and in this case the Deer, are added to the mezcal distillation, embodying the energy, happiness, hope and solemnity of a very special event. Dixeebe!

  • Origen Raiz Del Espiritu Madre Cuishe Mezcal 750ml

    To celebrate the brotherhood of cultures and the union of our Duranguense and Oaxacan families, we are pleased to offer mezcal Madrecuishe. This maguey is endemic to Oaxaca, the ancestral lands that gave origin to our traditions
    and lends wisdom to the mezcaleros, which permeates in every drop of Origen Raíz del Espíritu mezcal. Dixeebe!

  • Akul Joven Mezcal 750ml
    SKU: 7503018720678

    Akul Joven Mezcal 750ml

  • Mezcales De Leyenda Guerrero Cupreata Ancho 750ml
    SKU: 7503013890000

    Lies on the mountains of the Sierra Madre Occidental, southwest Mexico.

  • Mezcales De Leyenda San Luis Potosi Maguey Verde 750ml
    SKU: 7503013890789

    Hacienda Santa Isabel
    XIX C. Hacienda located in the Altiplano Potosino, northwest Mexico.

  • Ilegal Mezcal Reposado
    SKU: 51497104979

    Aged for 4 months in medium-charred American Oak. Caramelized pear and bitter orange on the nose. Clove, butterscotch, and hints of vanilla on the palate. Velvety throughout.  An exceptional drinking mezcal.

  • Ilegal Mezcal Jovan
    SKU: 51497104962

    Un-aged. Full bodied agave flavor. Eucalyptus and mineral aromas compliment hints of green apple, fresh citrus, and red chiltepe. Light smoke. Lingering heat. Ideal for cocktails or perfect on its own.

  • Illegal Mezcal Anejo
    SKU: 51497104986

    Aged for thirteen months in American Oak, French Oak, and used bourbon casks. A gorgeous spirit rivaling the world’s finest scotches and cognacs. Maple, clove, and bitter orange aromas. Dark chocolate and sweet agave on the palate. Rounded. Full. Rich. Yet still untamed.

  • Cutwater Joven Mezcal 750ml
    SKU: 816751022044

    ‘The rocky arid region of Durango, Mexico is a picture of forgotten time with wild Maguey Cenizo (Agave durangensis) dotting the landscape. Scorpions and owls, symbols of defiance, solitude, and wisdom have colonized this harsh wilderness in much the same way as the agave. ‘

  • Riazul Tobala Y Espadin Contemporaneo Mezcal Joven 750ml

    ”Riazuleño Contemporaneo offers a more intense and robust flavor and aroma than our Clasico. It possesses an herbal and vegetable taste profile, with the robust and viscous of Wild Tobala and sweet notes of Espadin Agaves. Our Contemporaneo balances less intense floral notes, a light aroma, and a taste of burnt wood, with other flavors and aromas, to maintain a very complex but pleasant taste profile.”

  • Riazul Espadin Clasico Mezcal Joven 750ml

    Riazuleño Clasico possesses a very intense aroma and flavor, with floral and fruity notes containing oils that come together with the essence of green Espadin agave. It is lightly sweet, with a light scent and notes of wood smoke. This pleasant, balanced spirit has all the characteristics of a traditional Mezcal.

  • Lalocura Pechuga Mezcal 750ml

    Lalocura’s clay pot distilled mezcales have built a steady cult following of chefs, writers, and mezcal-heads, who turn up at the palenque each day hoping to spend a few hours listening to maestro mezcalero Eduardo “Lalo” Ángeles tell stories, taste the 20+ expressions he has resting in glass at any given time, and instagram a photo of his colorful dining room table covered in empty veladoras.

  • La Luna Bruto Mezcal 750ml

    These wild and huge agave are of the inaequidens family, harvested in the hills just past Etucuaro. These massive agaves have low brix and yield, and due to those complexities in working with Bruto we had to inoculate the fermentation from Pulque made from this same maguey.

  • Mal Bien Felix Ramirez Espadin Mezcal 750ml

    Mal Bien is a collection of agave spirits from small producers throughout Mexico, curated by spirits nerds and agave lovers during their travels in search of the delicious, authentic, and interesting.

  • Lobos De Sangre Azul 1707 Mezcal Artesanal 750ml

    “If it’s organic to who I am or what I’m doing, then it’s a lot easier for me to be a part of something,”

    LeBron James.

  • Bruxo No 2 Pechuga De Maguey Mezcal Joven 750ml
  • Bruxo No 1 Espadin Mezcal Joven 750ml
    SKU: 7502261500327
  • Bruxo X Espadin Barril Mezcal Joven 750ml
    SKU: 7502261501300
  • Amaras Espadin Joven Mezcal 750ml
    SKU: 750301659604

    Mezcal Amarás Espadín Joven

    It is the flagship mezcal of our holistic cycle “From Seed to Sip”, it invites you into a world of smoothness, with a perfectly balanced profile.

  • Fidencio Tierra Blanca Mezcal 750ml
    SKU: 890780246343

    Fidencio Tierra Blanca Mezcal 750ml

  • Derrumbes Zacatecas Mezcal

    Derrumbes Zacatecas is made from 100% Tequilana Weber in the village of Huitzila, Zacatecas, right across the majestic barranca (canyon) that divides it from the valley of Tequila. Being so close, Zacatecas is mostly known for mezcal produced in the fashion of Tequila. The Bañuelos family however, are among few mezcaleros in Zacatecas that produce traditional mezcal. Pit roasted, tahona ground and spontaneously fermented, Derrumbes Zacatecas is a rare opportunity to travel back in time to experience a more ancient expression to Blue agave.

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