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  • Smith & Cross Traditional Jamaican Rum
    SKU: 5021692500949

    Smith & Cross Traditional Jamaican Rum  A mix of heavy bodied Wedderburn style rum and medium bodied Plummer, Smith and Cross is an excellent Jamaican rum that’s making waves in the bar world. Bottled at 57%, navy strength

  • Diplomatico Mantuano Rum
    SKU: 7594003626631

    Mantuano is an excellent blended rum aged for up to eight years in white oak casks, which previously served to age bourbons and malt-whisky. It combines Column, Batch Kettle and Pot Still distillates elaborated from sugar cane molasses and honeys.

  • Ron Zacapa Centenario Sistema Solera 23 750ml
    SKU: 699013000550

    ‘The balance of delicate and unique flavors of Zacapa No. 23 is derived from a blend of aged rums between 6 and 23 years old, originating from the “Sistema Solera” aging process. Zacapa No. 23 is aged in selected barrels that previously aged robust American whiskey, delicate sherries and fine Pedro Ximénez wines, creating a smooth & balanced rum. Zacapa No. 23 Rum is best served neat, on the rocks or in your favorite dark spirit cocktail.’

  • El Dorado 15 Year Old
    SKU: 711629000004

    El Dorado 15 Year Old wins awards year after year; the world’s best rum! Blended from rums some as old as 25 years. Aged in bourbon oak casks.

  • DonQ Cristal 750ml
    SKU: 82301750020

    Don Q Cristal 750ml

  • Crown Royal Vanilla 750ml
    SKU: 82000776598

    Crown Royal Vanilla 750ml

  • Captain Morgan Private Stock Rum 750ml

    Rich, dark and full-bodied. Level up your pour with this aged rum that’s best saved for your finer occasions. Or no occasion at all — it’s your call. Serve it neat or on the rocks. Or let it take your favorite mixer to new heights.

  • Uncle Nearest Ten To One Bourbon Cask Rum 750ml
    SKU: 195893355471

    Uncle Nearest Ten To One Bourbon Cask Rum 750ml

  • Appleton Estate 15 Years Black River Casks Jamaica Rum 750ml
    SKU: 636191212405

    the source of the limestone-filtered water used to craft our rums.The blend of rare hand-selected pot and column still rums have all been aged for a minimum of 15 years in the tropical climate of Jamaica.

  • Samaroli En Equilibre 2018 Rum 750ml
    SKU: 814223020529

    Don’t call me agricultural. Let us openly declare: we’re irreverent, we like to be a bit controversial… like the Woody Allen of rums. We blend a non-agricultural rum from Guadeloupe with an agricultural Barbados spirit, creating a semi-agricultural rarity. A Greek god with an agricultural head and a non-agricultural body, if you like, bedecked in fine attire with scythe in hand. A peasant at the ball…. Our greatest, fondest fans will understand us. As for new ones?… they’ll learn how to. After careful tasting, we isolated four dimensions around which this blend takes shape: Power, Elegance, Character and Softness. Spicy and marine tones linger at length but leave room for the elegant blackberries and sour cherries of an uncontaminated forest floor. On the palate, mineral elements laced with a balsamic hint. Overall, it’s exquisitely soft and pleasant. “If you’re not failing every now and again, it’s a sign you’re not doing anything very innovative.” Woody Allen

  • Fair Belize Xo Rum 750ml

    A unique sipping rum with unique roots and terroir

    Aged 4 to 6 years in Belize, South of Mexico and East of Guatemala

  • Flor De Cana 18 Year Single Estate Rum 750ml
    SKU: 26964500233

    Flor De Cana 18 Year Single Estate Rum 750ml

  • El Dorado 8 Year Old 750ml
    SKU: 000001333411

    Created by our Master Blender, this rum was laid down in oak barrels for at least eight years producing a smooth and characterful blend that is perfect for sipping or for use in craft cocktails.

  • Admiral Nelson's Premium Gold Rum 750ml

    Admiral Nelsons Premium Gold Rum 750ml

  • Selvarey Owner's Reserve Rum

    The pinnacle of tropical luxury, selvarey owner’s reserve is a blend of fifteen to twenty-five year aged rums, hand-selected from the finest vintages.

  • Selvarey White Rum
    SKU: 689466693676

    Velvety smooth with delicate notes of citrus and vanilla. Made for your mojitos, piña coladas and cuba libres.

  • Tiki Lovers Pineapple Flavored Rum 750ml
    SKU: 8102550205132

    TIKI LOVERS Pineapple has its roots in the past, when Caribbean distillers were macerating fresh pineapples in high proof sugar cane spirit, thereby adding an extra dimension of fruity deliciousness to the rum.

  • Lemon Hart Original 1804 Rum 750ml
    SKU: 814789001802


    Lemon Hart & Son Original 1804 is the classic British-style black rum, cherished by rum drinkers around the world for its bold, rich flavour, full-bodied complexity and exceptionally smooth finish. Original 1804 is the perfect example of a rum that shows pronounced flavour when mixed with cola. A premium blend of select single estate rums, distilled, Bourbon barrel-aged and blended on the East Bank of the Demerara River in the lush tropical Caribbean country of Guyana. Rum always.

  • Lemon Hart Blackpool Spiced Rum 750ml
    SKU: 814789001864


    Awarded the Chairman’s Trophy at the Ultimate Spirits Challenge, Blackpool is a beautifully crafted overproof British-style single estate distilled spiced rum. Mastery of art expertly balances Blackpool’s naturally occurring Bourbon barrel notes of exotic dried fruit, island spices and vanilla bean with an all natural spiced infusion resulting in the definitive rum experience.

  • Havana Club Anejo Blanco Puerto Rican Rum
    SKU: 80480006891

    Distilled and aged in Puerto Rico under the Caribbean sun for 1 year in oak barrels

    Aged rums are blended together

    The blend is aged for a second period in oak barrels for at least 2 months

  • Mad River Px Rum Special Edition 750ml1
    SKU: 654367898598

    ”Our demerara-based rum takes on a new dimension. After careful aging in a mixture of toasted and charred barrels, the rum is finished in Pedro Ximenez sherry casks, imparting nutty and smoky aromas and flavors. PX is perfect on its own and also makes an incredible cocktail. Visit the Burlington shop for PX cocktails Thursday – Sunday.”

  • Rhum J.m V.s.o.p Rum 750ml
    SKU: 182972000339

    J.M is the smallest producer of Rhum Agricole in Martinique because it is the last 100% estate grown sugarcane rhumerie on the island. We have taken this commitment because of how proud we are of the high quality of sugarcane coming from this particular microclimate, from the face of the volcano Mt. Pelée. Within 1 hour of the sugarcane being harvested, it is pressed to extract its aromatic juice to be crafted into remarkable smooth and full-flavored Rhum Agricole. After some time to mellow in stainless steel, this rum ages three years in in recharred Bourbon barrels and another year in new American oak casks to achieve its illustrious mahogany color, smooth well-balanced flavor, and soft lingering finish.

  • Cihuatan Gran Reserva Rum Solera 12 750ml
    SKU: 816529020012

    We have taken our aging methods further to bring you a complex rum, awarded all over the world. Cihuatán 12 Years is proudly handcrafted in the Cihuatán Valley, from the seed of the sugarcane to the bottle.

  • Humboldt Organic Spiced Rum 750ml
    SKU: 30915143677

    Humboldt Organic Spiced Rum 750ml

  • Kirk And Sweeney Xo Limited Release Rum 750ml
    SKU: 856442005918

    In the spirit of the rum-running schooner, this XO rum is well worth pursuing. Handcrafted in Santiago De Los Caballeros in the Dominican Republic, this rum adheres to the very strict regulations to be called “Dominican Rum”.

  • Kuleana Rum Works Hawaiian Rum Agricole
    SKU: 863150003433

    Fresh Hawaiian sugarcane juice distilled into exceptionally flavorful rum. We hand cut each stalk of kō, press it into fresh sugarcane juice, ferment it using a special yeast and distill it in a hand-made, copper alembic pot still. This is slow, careful process makes delicious and flavorful rum showcases the magnificence of the kō.

  • Hamilton Jamaican Pot Still Gold Rum 750ml

    Hamilton Jamaican Pot Still Rum 750ml


  • Hamilton Jamaican Pimento Dram Liqueur 750ml
  • Hamilton White Stache Rum 1l
  • Angostura Cask Collection No 1 Oloroso Sherry Rum
    SKU: 75496332522

    No. 1 Oloroso Sherry is the third edition from Angostura’s Cask Collection. A blend of rum aged up to 22 years, this silky smooth, complex rum is a beautiful amber with superb clarity, which offers flavours of woodiness, roasted nuts and hints of sherry, and a medium rounded and oaky finish. Only 16,200 bottles will be made available in select markets worldwide

  • Plantation Xaymaca Special Dry Rum
    SKU: 695521152491

    1 year in ex-Cognac casks blended with a 17 yo Jamaican “bonificator” rum

  • SKU: 18297000407

    Crafted from the intensely aromatic juice of one varietal sugarcane, Canne Bleue is an exceptional white rhum produced from only blue sugarcane.

  • Blue Chair Bay Key Lime Cream Rum
    SKU: 856881004404

    This luscious rum cream will take you right to the Florida Keys. From the first fresh key lime notes to the rich, buttery middle, right up to the graham cracker crust finish, it’s as though you’re visiting Key West without leaving your beach chair.

  • Blue Chair Bay Rum Banana Cream Rum
    SKU: 856881004176

    Our Banana Rum Cream is a perfect blend of fresh, sweet, ripe banana flavors with surprising caramel and vanilla notes.

  • SKU: 816136023833

    The double distillation of our sugarcane juice, use of exclusively full-bodied pot still distillation, and aging in American Oak used bourbon barrels creates a rich sweet rum that tastes delicious neat and is a powerful and flavorful base for your favorite rum cocktail.

  • Diplomatico Planas Rum
    SKU: 7594003626891

    Planas is an extraordinary blend of Pot Still, Column and Batch Kettle rums. Aged for up to 6 years, it is elegant, rich and surprisingly intense for a white rum

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