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  • Shear Black 4 Blade Foil Cutter By True1
    SKU: 876718026515
  • Buddy The Bordeaux Collie Dog Corkscrew By Truezoo
    SKU: 842094189991

    Whether you’re a purebred boozehound or just drink wine once in a blue moon, this loyal bar accessory will be by your side. No more howling over unopened bottles.

    This best in show corkscrew sports a double-hinged design for extra leverage, plus bottle opener and serrated foil cutter, all in a unique canine design.

    • Double hinged design provides extra leverage
    • Bottle opener mouth
    • Serrated foil cutter tail
    • Stainless steel with soft-touch finish
  • Foil Cutter Pop.jpg
  • Foil Cutter Pop.jpg
  • Easy Grip 4 Blade Foil Cutter.jpg
    SKU: 842094181407
  • Gunmetal Heavyweight Foil Cutter By Viski.jpg
    SKU: 842094178339
  • Copper Heavyweight Foil Cutter By Viski.jpg
    SKU: 842094178322
  • Silver Foil Cutter By Viski.jpg
    SKU: 842094164530
  • Copper Foil Cutter By Viski.jpg
    SKU: 842094164523
  • Savor Stainless Steel Spittoon.jpg
    SKU: 842094152162
  • Foil Cutter By Host.jpg
    SKU: 842094151837
  • Dome Wine Glass Covers In Asstd Colors By True.jpg
  • Wooden Foil Cutter By Twine.jpg
    SKU: 876718035890
  • Dual Tool By Host.jpg
    SKU: 876718029677
  • Cutlass Foil Cutter.jpg
    SKU: 876718029141
  • Spittoon Wine Tasting Dump Bucket.jpg
    SKU: 876718027352
  • Digit Wine Thermometer.jpg
    SKU: 876718006975
  • Circlet Drip Rings.jpg
    SKU: 876718005374
  • Cutlass 6 Blade Foil Cutter Silver.jpg
    SKU: 876718005206
  • Shear 4 Blade Foil Cutter.jpg
    SKU: 876718004513
  • Memento Wine Label Removers.jpg
    SKU: 876718001796

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