Wheel House Sacramento Vodka 750ml

Wheel House Sacramento Vodka 750ml - Uptown Spirits

Wheel House Sacramento Vodka 750ml

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Transport yourself to the captivating flavors of Rancho Cordova, California, where Gold River Distillery reigns as a purveyor of exceptional libations. Embarking on a delicious divergence from the ordinary, their expert distillers have masterfully crafted a remarkable twist on a beloved classic: Wheel House Sacramento Vodka.

This illustrious spirit takes shape from a meticulously selected mash of corn and malted wheat, forming the foundation of its unparalleled character. The marriage of these exceptional ingredients imparts a captivating sweet and malty savoriness, elevating this craft vodka to a league of its own.

With each indulgent sip, Wheel House Sacramento Vodka tantalizes the palate with its gentle sweetness, embraced by a velvety texture that gracefully dances across the tongue. Unleashing a symphony of flavor, subtle nuances of caramel and vanilla gracefully emerge, entwined in a delightful medley that lingers on the senses.

Earning accolades and recognition for its sublime taste, Wheel House Sacramento Vodka stands proudly as a beacon of excellence. It encapsulates the essence of Sacramento, distilling the very essence of this vibrant city into a liquid masterpiece. Imbue your bar cart with the allure of this award-winning elixir, and invite your guests to experience the embodiment of Sacramento's spirit in every sip.
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