Stoli Raspberry Flavored Premium Vodka 750ml

Stoli Raspberry Flavored Premium Vodka 750ml - Uptown Spirits

Stoli Raspberry Flavored Premium Vodka 750ml

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Stoli® Razberi™ is a vodka that celebrates the sweet and tart flavors of juicy raspberries. As you take a whiff of this vodka, the intense aroma of raspberry jam, boiled sweets, and hot berry fruit infusions will greet your senses, transporting you to a lush raspberry garden.

Upon taking a sip, you'll be delighted by the raspberry ripple creaminess that dominates the palate, with the sweet spice of rye and wheat grain vodka adding a subtle complexity to the overall flavor profile. The crisp citrus notes help balance out the sweetness, creating a well-rounded drinking experience.

As the flavors unfold, hints of pepper and wild raspberry cane come through, adding a touch of spice and earthiness to the finish. The combination of sweet, tart, and spicy flavors makes Stoli® Razberi™ a unique and versatile vodka that is perfect for any occasion.

This vodka is perfect for those who appreciate the natural sweetness and tartness of raspberries. Whether you're enjoying it neat or using it as a base for your favorite cocktail, Stoli® Razberi™ is sure to leave you with a lasting impression of its smooth and delicious taste.

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