Still Austin Four Grain Bourbon Whiskey 750ml

Still Austin Four Grain Bourbon Whiskey 750ml - Uptown Spirits

Still Austin Four Grain Bourbon Whiskey 750ml

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The chain-stitch label on this spirit is sure to generate a lot of buzz—but this release is more than just a pretty face: The spirit inside the bottle is a product of only two barrels, distilled from a lively combination of white corn, rye, wheat and malted barley. With its stunning chain-stitch label and its vibrant panoply of flavors, this whiskey weaves together exceptional beauty both inside and out.
For this one-of-a-kind release, we’ve enlisted the incomparable team at Ft. Lonesome to create a beautifully detailed, hand-made fabric label with a removable chain-stitched patch.

This subtle spirit greets you with spicy scents of black pepper, followed by buttery and nut-infused notes of sweet corn, apricot, mint and freshly cut grass. The creamy mouthfeel offers up flavors of honey, tobacco, coconut, lavender and toasted biscuits, finishing off with a tannic aftereffect of leather and sweet apples.

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