Sobieski Cytron Flavored Vodka 1L

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Sobieski Cytron Flavored Vodka 1L

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Introducing SOBIESKI® Lemon flavored vodka, a sensational fusion of natural flavors and the distinguished character of SOBIESKI® vodka. Crafted with precision and care, this exceptional Polish vodka encapsulates the vibrant essence of lemon, marrying freshness with gourmet notes for an unforgettable experience. Available in both 35% and 37.5% ABV variants, SOBIESKI® Lemon offers versatility and pure enjoyment.

Distilled in Poland, the birthplace of renowned vodkas, SOBIESKI® Lemon embodies the authenticity and craftsmanship of its heritage. Every sip reveals the harmonious balance between the zesty allure of lemon and the powerful spirit of SOBIESKI® vodka, resulting in a smooth and invigorating flavor profile. Immerse yourself in the lively citrus notes, a celebration of nature's bounty, as they intermingle with the pure essence of vodka.

Perfectly suited for cocktails, SOBIESKI® Lemon flavored vodka enhances mixology creations with its pure and refined character. Whether crafting classic favorites or pushing the boundaries of creativity, this vodka ensures a captivating experience, lending a vibrant and refreshing twist to your libations.

Acknowledged for its exceptional quality, SOBIESKI® Lemon flavored vodka was bestowed with a bronze medal at the esteemed San Francisco International Spirit Competition® in 2020. This recognition serves as a testament to its outstanding craftsmanship and the dedication of the master distillers behind this remarkable creation.

Note: In the United States, the name "SOBIESKI LEMON" is affectionately known as "SOBIESKI CYTRON," captivating enthusiasts with its distinct character and unwavering quality.

Elevate your spirits with SOBIESKI® Lemon flavored vodka, an exquisite expression of Polish vodka tradition combined with the tantalizing essence of lemon. Let the harmonious dance of flavors transport you to moments of pure delight and indulge in the extraordinary experience that awaits.

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