Plantation Black Cask Rum 750ml

Plantation Black Cask Rum 750ml - Uptown Spirits

Plantation Black Cask Rum 750ml

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Plantation Black Cask is the result of a unique double-ageing process which gives the rum its great complexity, refinement and subtle toasted notes. Following distillation in Barbados and Peru, the rum is aged in its country of origin for several years in 200-liter white oak casks. It is then shipped to the southwest of France, where it is matured in small toasted oak Ferrand casks which give the rum its elegant smoky notes.
A succulent rum from Barbados and Peru, two great rum producing countries, it has delicate spicy and floral notes. It may be enjoyed on the rocks or neat

Color : Gold.
Nose : The first pastry-like notes with vanilla and honey are followed with flowers and subtle vegetal tones, and evolves on spices and light smoky undertones
Palate : Intense spicy and sweet notes of nutmeg, caramel and coconut begin, then nutty aromas appear, white fruits and flowers, ending on toasted oak notes.
Finish : Chocolate, balsamicand spices

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