Opihr Black Lemon Dry Gin

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Opihr Black Lemon Dry Gin

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This is a richly intense citrus and spice-led gin with concentrated lemon notes. Inspired by the Iranian love for Persian black lemons, or ‘loomi’ (actually sun-dried limes), which add a unique tangy and earthy flavour to Middle Eastern chutneys and stews. Black lemons play a central part in Persian cooking thanks to their sweet citrus flavour and the lack of bitters that other lemons bring – due to the drying process which is similar to sundried tomatoes – and gives the lemons their curious colour.
The powerful bursts of Persian black lemons are heightened further by the zesty citrus flavours of Timut peppers, making the Arabian Edition a carefully crafted and perfectly balanced London Dry gin, elevated through the marriage of citrus and spice.

Tasting Notes 
Aroma: A richly intense Arabian citrus and spice-led gin. It has smooth soft perfume notes from our fundamental juniper core, but balanced with concentrated citrus notes of Black Lemons, and Timut peppers.
Taste: A smooth, rounded London Dry Gin; soft camphor, bursts of rich citrus notes with light sweetness, creating the perfect marriage of citrus and spice.

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