Merlet Soeurs Cerises Liqueur 750ml

Merlet Soeurs Cerises Liqueur 750ml - Uptown Spirits

Merlet Soeurs Cerises Liqueur 750ml

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Soeurs Cerises revisits a great classic of fruit liqueurs, Cherry Brandy. Several varieties of cherries, including Morello cherries, have been selected by the Merlet family in order to offer a wide aromatic palette. This liqueur results from the combination of different traditional manufacturing processes. The cherries are first macerated in a superfine alcohol to extract all their aromas, then pressed and filtered into a natural fruit infusion. Then this infusion is married to a distillate of cherries, in order to develop the aromatic power, cherry juice also to bring notes of fresh cherries and a touch of acidity, and to finish a touch of cognac for depth and complexity. Finally sugar is added to obtain the final liquor.

Merlet Soeurs Cerises can be enjoyed neat, on ice or in cocktails such as the Singapore Sling or the Blood and Sand.
Colour: deep purple with purplish reflections
Nose: the nose is powerful on Morello cherries, subtle notes of almonds and cherry pits can be perceived.
Palate: the aromas of ripe cherry, almost compote, dominate, complemented by an acidity bringing freshness, to finish on a good length brought by the cognac.

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