Merlet C² Cassis Liqueur 375ml

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Merlet C² Cassis Liqueur 375ml

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Merlet C² Cassis & Cognac combines the liquorist and distiller know-how of Merlet, while revisiting an old digestive from the French countryside, Mêlécasse (mixture of eau-de-vie and crème de cassis). C² Cassis is the blend of natural homemade blackcurrant infusions with cognacs from the distillery. The infusions used are the same as the bases for Crème de cassis de Saintonge Merlet. They are mixed with cognac, represented at least 60% in the alcoholic ingredients. Finally sugar is added to obtain the final liquor. The marriage of cognac and blackcurrant truly creates new aromas and great complexity.

The sugar/alcohol ratio not being too high, Merlet C² Cassis is thus perfect as a digestive on ice, and remains an excellent aperitif when it is lengthened with sparkling water or tonic.
Nose: On the nose, it is first the power of the blackcurrant that stands out, the cognac comes next, giving the whole notes of kirsch and old Madeira.
Mouth: On the first palate, again the power of blackcurrant predominates, followed by flavors of jammy blackberry.

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