Merlet C² Cafe Liqueur 750ml

Merlet C² Cafe Liqueur 750ml - Uptown Spirits

Merlet C² Cafe Liqueur 750ml

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Merlet C² Cafe & Cognac combines the liquorist and distiller know-how of Merlet, highlighting two classic “after meals”. Merlet has teamed up with a roaster in their region, Merling in La Rochelle, in order to select the origin and variety of the coffee (Arabica from Brazil), and to make it possible to work directly on freshly roasted coffee beans. The day’s roast and ground coffee is immediately brewed in hot water. The aqueous coffee infusion obtained is stabilized by adding superfine alcohol, then filtered. Cognac is then mixed, representing a minimum of 50% of the alcoholic ingredients. Finally sugar is added to obtain the final liquor. The aromatic intensity is exceptional, and the moderate sugar content preserves the natural bitterness of the coffee, for tasting neat or over ice. Many other applications exist.

C² Café & Cognac can be enjoyed on ice with an orange zest or a cinnamon stick and for the most gourmet with a square of chocolate. It can also be enjoyed lying down with sparkling water or tonic.
Colour: Intense and deep
brown Nose: The nose is powerful and begins with notes of hot coffee, “toasted bread” roasting and vanilla. The cognac follows and delicately completes the aromatic palette.
Mouth: The mouth is round and suave with a very good length. The flavors of coffee, spices and vanilla are present, enhanced by a hint of cocoa. The association of cognac and coffee liqueur expresses a perfect harmony.

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