Manly Spirits Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur 700ml

Manly Spirits Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur 700ml - Uptown Spirits

Manly Spirits Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur 700ml

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Manly Spirits Cold Brew Coffee liqueur is a sassy bitter-sweet complex character with an exquisite smooth dark side to be devoured. Using sustainably and responsibly sourced beans, distilled native botanicals, sea minerals infused into our smooth wheat vodka this coffee liqueur is for all those who respect coffee!

Tasting Notes
Colour: Dark Chocolate
Aroma: Rich and captivating scents of fresh ground coffee, malty caramel and dark chocolate
Palate: Impresses with smoothed bitterness due to the addition of distilled sea minerals and hints of spice shining through
from the cinnamon myrtle native botanical
Finish: Creamy in texture with a penetrating, sweet mocha burst that coats every crevice of the mouth. Finishes pleasantly
bitter-sweet with hints of spice before sweeter flavours of creme caramel and iced coffee round off the experience with good persistence. Undeniably seductive.

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