Katsaros Tsipouro 700ml

Katsaros Tsipouro 700ml - Uptown Spirits

Katsaros Tsipouro 700ml

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A sweet conspiracy of nature gives to this place what tsipouro needs. Only local, fragrant “Muscat Tyrnavos” grapes will take the road for our distillery. So that’s our secret of our raki. It is the magical bond that unites the vineyards and our essences in place and keeps KATSAROS family, here in Tirnavos, two centuries.

All your senses are invited to consider. You stare at it into the light and you see it crystal and clear. You smell it and feel its aroma. You hold it in your mouth and feel the magic of distillation. So, you enjoy Tsipouro Katsaros.

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