Glenfiddich 50 Years Aged Whiskey 750ml

Glenfiddich 50 Years Aged Whiskey 750ml - Uptown Spirits

Glenfiddich 50 Years Aged Whiskey 750ml

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The glenfiddich 50 year old defines a deeper meaning of a fifty year old whisky.
As the years accumulated in a cask increase, so does the rarity of the whisky inside. This is the inextricable link between liquid and time. Glenfiddich 50 Year Old is not just another rare whisky, it is a maverick statement. Fifty years experienced not chronologically, but all at once.

Antique Gold.
Rich orange peel and clementine meet complex notes of Madeira cake and muscovado sugar. Maturing over time into the dewy petrichor of a Dufftown morning, mingling with flowering geranium.
A lingering sweetness softens into deep, silky smooth oak tannin and sun-dried vanilla.
Oaky, sweet and incredibly long-lasting.

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