Chamisal Chamise 2016 Chardonnay Wine 750ml

Chamisal Chamise 2016 Chardonnay Wine 750ml - Uptown Spirits

Chamisal Chamise 2016 Chardonnay Wine 750ml

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An intensely concentrated chardonnay with notes of cane sugar and butterscotch completed by a pleasant floweriness: tea tree oil and hyacinth. High acid wine elevated by a low and precise alcohol content. Lemon curd and citrus on the palate offering a rich and dense mouthfeel.

Introducing Chamise, the crowning jewel of our winery and a testament to our unwavering dedication to crafting exceptional Chardonnay. Born from humble beginnings in 2008, this remarkable wine emerged from a single barrel, marking the inception of a journey that continues to captivate the senses to this day.

An embodiment of exclusivity, Chamise remains a cherished rarity, meticulously crafted from a small lot sourced predominantly from a single block nestled within our revered Estate Vineyard. Spanning nearly half a century of vine cultivation at Chamisal, our profound understanding of this hallowed land has granted us an intimate connection with its terroir.

Chamise stands as a resplendent tribute to the culmination of our mastery over the art of winemaking. With meticulous precision, we harness our profound knowledge to seek out the perfect interplay between soil composition, microclimate nuances, clonal selection, and the alchemy of winemaking techniques. It is through this harmonious fusion that we unveil a Chardonnay that transcends expectation, a vinous symphony of unparalleled excellence.

From the very moment Chamise graces the palate, it enchants with a harmonious chorus of flavors that dance upon the tongue. Subtle hints of sun-kissed orchard fruits intermingle with delicate notes of citrus, gracefully underlined by a sublime minerality. The judicious touch of oak lingers in the background, lending an eloquent framework to the wine's opulent texture and vibrant character.

Each sip of Chamise reveals a tapestry of complexities, an elegant expression of the land that bore it and the vision that brought it to life. It is a labor of love that transcends time and beckons the discerning wine enthusiast to embark on a voyage of pure indulgence.

For those fortunate enough to experience Chamise, a treasured elixir awaits, offering an invitation to savor the culmination of our devotion, expertise, and the intrinsic beauty of Chardonnay elevated to its utmost zenith.

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