Celosa Rose Tequila 750ml

Celosa Rose Tequila 750ml - Uptown Spirits

Celosa Rose Tequila 750ml

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Meet Celosa, the young 100% organic tequila that's redefining the art of tequila-making. Using only the finest Weber Blue agaves that are grown and harvested in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico after a 7-year maturation period, Celosa promises nothing but excellence in every sip. What sets Celosa apart from the rest is the blend of traditional expertise with a unique process that involves aging the tequila in freshly used French oak barrels, previously used to age red wine. This innovative process not only mellows the tequila but also lends it a silky smooth finish and a distinctive pink hue, making it a feast for the eyes and the palate alike. With Celosa, indulge in the perfect harmony of art, science, and tradition, all bottled up to delight your senses.

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