Bodega Sanchez Romate Fifty Pounds Gin 750ml

Bodega Sanchez Romate Fifty Pounds Gin 750ml - Uptown Spirits

Bodega Sanchez Romate Fifty Pounds Gin 750ml

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Its recipe has remained hidden and unedited for generations by a family of London distillers. Its name comes from the fact that in 1736 King George II of England put in place an annual tax of 50 pounds (Fifty Pounds) to regulate the distillation of Gin: only two distillers paid this tax, so very exorbitant for the period. In the recipe eleven botanical elements are combined amongst which stand out berries from the Croatian Mountains, Middle Eastern coriander seeds, grains of paradise from the Gulf of Guinea, lemon and orange peel from Spain, savory from France, angelica, liquorice root and other completely secret components.

Crystalline with intense tears in the glass. Predominance of juniper and coriander, perfectly balanced with citric and spiced notes. Smooth, complex, with predominance of juniper over traces of citric and spiced elements.

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