Angostura Legacy Rum 750ml

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Angostura Legacy Rum 750ml

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Legacy by Angostura is the world’s most expensive rum and is made up of a special blend of seven of the brand’s most rare and precious rums.
“Legacy by Angostura is the ultimate expression of Angostura rum. We set out to create the greatest sipping rum ever produced and we believe we have achieved something that is both unique and unequalled,” John Georges, Master Distiller.

Tasting Notes

Colour: Crystal polished dark oak with bronze and gold highlights.
The Nose: The first aromas are bruised tropical fruit with some floral notes. As we get closer to the spirits, there are distinct notes of vanilla, honey and clove followed by strong oak with hints of roasted coffee.
The Palate: Legacy by Angostura enters the palate with sweet, dried fruit flavours. As the liquid fills the mouth with warmth, the notes become nutty and spicy.
The Finish: Long with trailing flavours of orange zest and oak.

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