Angostura Infinity Rum 750ml

Angostura Infinity Rum 750ml - Uptown Spirits

Angostura Infinity Rum 750ml

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This unique blend was created from a range Angostura’s finest aged rums from specially selected casks which produced our highest awards-winning blends over the years. It is a blend of 8 different rums- the youngest rum is 8 years old; the oldest is 22 years old. It took 8 years to perfect this exquisite rum from experimentation to bottle. This priceless blend was fitted in an exquisite decanter by Asprey of London, jeweller to the Prince of Wales.

Tasting Notes

Colour: Luxuriant and intense dark bronze.
Aroma: Sweet bouquet of raisins embraced by delicate vanilla top notes layered with chocolate; a hint of banana and dried fruits
Taste: Exquisite crisp. Dry oakiness with butterscotch top notes. A light taste of vanilla outlasted by subtle apple and anise undertones.
Body: Light to medium bodied.
Finish: Medium culminating in a delightful crisp dry oakiness.

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