Le Chemin Du Roi Blanc De Blanc | 50 Cent Champagne

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Made from selected Chardonnay grapes grown in the ?nest micro climates in Champagne. Following harvest, grapes are pressed immediately in press houses in the vineyards, and ?rst press juice is only used for the wine.

10 0 % Chardonnay
Dosage : 8 g /l
Aging: Over 10 Years

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    Le Chemin Du Roi Blanc De Blanc | 50 Cent Champagne

    The King?s Path.
    The “Collection Priv?e” or Private Collection represent s the most exclusive and exceptional Cuv?es from Le Chemin du Roi. This Cuvee, our Blanc de Blancs from the much heralded 20 0 0 vintage is the paramount assertion of a Champagne made for a King. Made from 10 0% Chardonnay sourced from top growers in the Montagne de Reims and C?te de Blancs appellations of Champagne, the wine spent over 10 years aging on lees before disgorgement, resulting in a strong, yet elegant and complex, yet ?awless Cuv?e with notes of toasted brioch?, Meyer lemons, creamy pineapple, and balanced minerality. All hail the King.

    Le Chemin Du Roi Blanc De Blanc | 50 Cent Champagne Tasting Notes

    The light golden yellow is distinctive from the top Chardonnay grapes in the C?te des Blancs. The nose gives a beautiful combination of preserved oranges, fresh mint, white tobacco and wet stone. This is ampli?ed by ?avors of pineapple, orange peel, mandarin and toasted caramel. The acidity balance s everything out , concluding in an expressive and long ?nish with a delicate and toasted after taste.


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    Le Chemin Du Boi

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