Pahlmeyer Vineyards, Merlot (2014)
The Pahlmeyer story is a tale of international intrigue, passion and Hollywood stardom? Of Jayson Pahlmeyer, friends and family? Of French clones, legendary winemaking and iconic wines…
Once upon a time, there was a man with a bold, irrepressible spirit ? a trial attorney called to the profession by its fast and furious nature.

Pahlmeyer’s viticultural practices demand low yields while commanding maximum flavor intensity. Farming in one- to two- acre blocks with a palette of as many as 12 clones for each variety, Pahlmeyer’s world-class pedigree of artisanal winemaking continues to rise to astonishing levels as Kale and Bibiana push the envelope on clone and vineyard management, and cellar and winemaking equipment and practices. Magnificent terroir, winemaking soul and masterwork fill each bottle of Pahlmeyer wine.

With characteristic Pahlmeyer exuberance, Jayson’s daughter Cleo has infused the winery with new energy since joining the team in 2008. Layering her own love of wine and entertaining on what she has learned from her father, she is bringing renewed vibrancy to the Pahlmeyer legacy. And so it is that vintage after vintage, Pahlmeyer continues to live up to Jayson’s audacious dream – producing phenomenal wines of power and finesse.

Black amethyst in color, this wine opens with sultry aromas of boysenberry, violet and vanilla. Velvety and plush upon entry with intense flavors of black cherry and dark chocolate, it is lifted with fresh acidity and savory notes of grilled Rosemary into
an everlasting finish.