Matchbook Wine Company, Arsonist Red Blend (2016)
Founded in 2005, Matchbook Wine Company is owned and operated by the Giguiere family, John, wife Lane and his brother Karl. Previously they owned and operated R.H. Philips on land that was part of their family farm in the Dunnigan Hills of
northwestern Yolo County. Starting as a small family owned vineyard and winery the company grew into a 750,000 case producer sourced mostly from estate fruit from their 2,500 acre vineyard which is rare for such a large producer. After selling R.H.Phillips the Giguiere family started Crew Wine Company, now Matchbook Wine Company. Before joining the Matchbook team, winemaker Dan Cederquist worked at Stag’s Leap and De Loach.

Matchbook produces wines meant to explore the terroir of Dunnigan Hills and the California coast. To that end, the team has spent a great deal of time identifying and nurturing just the varieties that adapt well in this environment. Occasionally, a small percentage of coastal fruit is included to intensify natural aromas and flavors. The name Matchbook is a tongue in cheek homage to John and his brother’s childhood when they used to get into trouble for lighting matches and setting off rockets.

This blend of Petit Verdot, Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon incorporates wonderful, spicy oak with a ripe and generous core
of black fruits to a firm texture of fine-grained tannins. It has plenty of oak character, but the oak is well integrated and complements the blackberry and blueberry flavors deftly.